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OTS isn't limited to "just" editing and author services that revolve around books and writing. 


Are you struggling to build a resume that catches the eye of prospective employers? Can't quite find the words you need to draft an awesome cover letter to go with it? We gotcha covered.

Maybe your nonprofit organization is having a hard time drumming up sponsorships for your fundraising events. Need some help rewording your letter of intent or creating your vision or mission statements? OTS to the rescue! 

Is your small business's website or Facebook page not doing well and it's time to restructure? No worries, no problem! 

Did your band's PR kit flop and not get you the recognition you'd hoped it would? Keep jammin' and let us take over.  

OTS cares about nonprofits, small businesses, and YOU. We help bands, restaurants, animal shelters, and all sorts of organizations.


So . . . what can we do for you?