Jody is the perfect editor in every aspect imaginable. She is not only accurate and thorough with editing my grammar, she is delicate enough to understand my style, as well. She uses caution to keep my voice in my work, keeping my writing my own, with a polished finished that I've searched for. She is unique in her ability to be flexible with different styles of writing, and really helps me to pull out exactly what I am trying to convey, all in a practical and well-rounded manner. She is very quick, so her turn around is perfect for not only journals or books, but blogs, as well. She has a knack for forming writing around the style of the author, so I feel like I don't lose my voice or get a washed out effect on the things I write. 

- Shelby, blog writer, AL

Mrs. Freeman is and was everything I could have asked for in an editor. She picked up on what a writer can miss during pecking away at their keyboard, and worked with my writing process by asking questions about the manuscript, but nothing that was overbearing and irksome to the process. Her editing is spot on.

-Josh S,  author, TX

Jody was enthusiastic about helping me proofread my latest book, not only for typos and grammatical errors, but for editorial flow. She did a great job with a quick turnaround. This was a collection of previous work and she found things that I've overlooked for YEARS! I was extremely grateful for Jody's input. Thanks, Jody!

-Jonathan, comic book author, NY

Choosing Jody to edit my work was the best decision I have ever made in my career as a writer. I know you are thinking that sounds crazy but I need you all to understand just how much of an asset she truly is to me! Having someone who is as passionate about your success as you are in your corner makes you feel like you can accomplish anything thrown at you! I have gotten so many compliments on my writing because of her editing expertise and skill that she will be editing all of my future projects. I cant recommend her enough! 5 stars! 

-LaSasha, author, IL

Jody is hands down the best person I have run into in my writing career. Everyone warned me that I would hate the editing process. This is not the case when you work with Jody. She is fast, friendly, and can make the corrections you need in a way that makes you see the improvement in your writing with each pass. Not once did I feel frustrated or overwhelmed, Jody is a master at what she does combined with a perfect personality that will leave you excited to work with her. Thank You, Jody!

-Jessa, author, British Columbia

Thank God for people like Jody. I tend to write my thoughts in the order they come to me, which isn't always linear for my stories. This means I swap sentences around and that often results in tense changing, oddly phrased sentences, and incorrect punctuation. I hired an editor on Fiverr and they did okay, but had Jody give it a second look and I am so glad I did. She caught everything, mapped out each mistake the other editor missed, and gave suggestions on areas where I could improve. She was really accessible, working directly with me, and has become a good friend. She is worth every penny."

-JD Clair, author, IL

She is completely wonderful! It's as if she read my mind! She is thorough and works quickly. She was simply the best.

-Rachael, author, TN

Jody possesses the uncanny ability to read my mind. She’s brilliant. She’s very responsive, yet never overbearing. She took what was an emotionally charged and painful to write short story and kept me focused with gentle coaching and suggestions. I’m glad she was on my team with my last story and I look forward to working with her on future pieces.

-Elizabeth, short story author, TX

 I had an editor I worked with prior who was not available, and I'm glad that happened because I plan to use Jody from now on. Jody is a delight to work with, striking the right balance between working with me and also not letting me get away with anything! My work is respected, but she will make good suggestions without being intrusive. All of her grammar edits were spot on and did noticeably add to the quality of my work, and this is coming from a writer who's proud of his ability to generate evocative writing. I admire her professionalism, I will be recommending her to anyone who needs a good editor.

-Edward, author, OH

I've used different editing services before and while each has their own unique quality to them I found Jody a rank above. While the saying is normally true, 'you get what you paid for', I found her to greatly exceed my expectations. As a writer, you need someone not only in your corner but who will call out your mistakes while guiding you down the correct path. She accomplishes this while still working full time and taking care of her family. When you have someone with the passion and drive like her behind you it makes the work, less like work. I believe she missed her calling but maybe that's a good thing because I would've missed out on working with her on a personal level. I definitely see myself bringing her future work! 

-E.C. Fisher, author, FL

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