Think about all the times you've hunted for a great book to read. Sure, the front cover drew you in, but what then? You flipped the book over or opened the cover and read the book's description. You either thought, "Wow! I need to read this!" or, "Nah, this isn't for me." Regardless of the decision, the blurb helped you make it!

You've got one shot to sell your book. A well-written blurb will introduce your story to a potential buyer, and leave them wanting more. It not only pitches the story, but sparks a reader's curiosity and then fans the flames, guaranteeing a sale.


OTS can write you a killer blurb in no time at all. We design unique and specific blurbs for all genres. Our goal is to tailor blurbs that fit your story, captivate potential readers, put dollars in your pockets, and build a loyal fan-base for you. 

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